Tulsa maternity photographer, Emily Warren, captures Talena’s breathtaking maternity photography session

Tulsa Maternity photographer, Emily here.

I have been blessed with being the Tulsa maternity photographer for dozens of maternity photography sessions over the years. Talena’s maternity photography session was certainly one of my favorites. With every maternity photography session, there tends to be one photo that simply stands out from the rest as my favorite of that session, this maternity session had SO MANY! It was hard to choose my favorite maternity photo from her gallery, as you can see by using the link below to view the entire gallery. As a Tulsa maternity photographer, I am so blessed to work with so many beautiful people. Talena is one of those people who is beautiful both on the inside and the outside. It is expecting mommas like her that keep me feeling so blessed to be a full-time photographer. Though maternity photography is only one attribute of my amazing life as a photographer, it is certainly one of my absolute favorites. Talena, and mommas like her are the biggest factor in the joy I have every time I book another maternity photography session. If you, or someone you know is expecting, let us know! We would love to send a congratulations and host another beautiful session. I’ll hope to see you soon! Emily View Talena’s maternity photography gallery View our maternity photography page

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